Virtual Assistant Leigh Peterson

Please note that LeighVA and LeighVA.com will soon be known as LP Communications at LPCommunications.com.  Same company, same owner, different name.

As a Virtual Associate, I offer cost-effective assistance in creating or managing your online presence and helping you run your business.

Hi! I’m Leigh, and I’m a Virtual Online Assistant. I work from home for various clients and companies, with VA teams, and as a VA subcontractor. I love what I do because I’ve structured my work to fit my strengths. One minute I’m evaluating search results for a major search engine. The next, I’m creating a young business person’s first web site and blog. I spend some days writing online content, SEO articles and blog posts, and other days I’m waist-deep in social media profiles, marketing my client’s websites and creating backlinks. And I love it all.

I began working online in 1998 and I never looked back. I enjoy putting my passion for the power of the internet to good use, helping busy folks and businesses of all sizes reach their online goals.

I have a Bachelor’s in Communications & Public Relations, and my specialties include pets and entertainment.  Watch this space for examples, tips, and to learn how I can help you!